Our Peace Manifesto

Picture by Alisdare Hickson on Flickr Creative Commons License CC SA-By 2.0

Youth against Extremism

We may not always agree on politics or religion. Even within our religions and beliefs, we may have differences of opinion. But we must seek to understand each other – through listening, dialogue and respect for one another as equals. We must seek to create connections with one another.

No violence, no killing!

# Universal Values

Extremism takes many forms - Racial, Political and Religious etcIt tries to push ideologies of a small group of people on a majority of people. Often these ideologies are presented as the only correct view – and often these are based on creating division and using hate and violence.

We have to think critically for everywhere there is truth and un-truth. And yes, let us take a stand, make a difference, but let us do this peacefully, appropriately.

In reality, we have far more in common than we have differences. We are the human race. Regardless of our race, language and religions, we are ONE.

In an age where the Internet seems to keep us constantly connected, let us BE CONNECTED. Let us look past the stereotypes, and propaganda – let us consider the issues in balanced ways; let us think for ourselves.

But more importantly, let us LISTEN with our HEARTS. Let us solve problems by truly listening and letting our barriers down.We will not create change by accepting the narratives of those who seek to use violence and hate to push their messages. 

And the CHANGE must start with US, in how we treat each other, in how we listen to one another and in how we address our differences.

We must BE the change we wish to see.


We stand for respectful dialogue that embraces equality, diversity, tolerance and inclusion, based on the universal values of kindness and compassion.